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Uncover the web of deception that has been left hidden for decades...

You have been hired as Detectives to solve the decades-long mystery at Castle McDugal where on several occasions, some castle guests mysteriously vanished without a trace.  Years later, the kingdom has been dissolved  and the case was eventually forgotten.  Until recently, the great grandson of the former castle butler found a hidden note inserted in an old book that states "Investigate mysterious castle disappearances. The lamp will shed some light." Will you be able to shed some light to the decades-long case or will it remain a mystery forever?


Were the numerous accidents purely coincidental?

This carnival used to be a place where everyone can relax and have some fun... but not anymore! No thanks to the series of accidents that have been happening within the carnival grounds.  With multiple deaths and serious injuries caused by the accidents, the city government shut down the carnival's operation and hired you as Detectives to investigate.  Is the carnival jinxed? Were the accidents purely coincidental? Or is there more than meets the eye?


Discover the culprit behind the cold-blooded murder...

Three years ago, a school teacher was found lifeless inside his classroom.  Based on the initial investigation, he was working overtime the night before he was found and review of CCTV footages revealed that he never left the classroom.  What baffled the investigators was the fact that nobody else was also seen entering or leaving the classroom after the students left.  Without a suspect and any leads in the case, the school was eventually abandoned and the case was left unsolved.  You have been hired as Detectives to identify the culprit behind the cold-blooded murder.


Some crimes are hidden in plain sight...

The much awaited exhibit of the rare blue diamond jewelry collection finally took place at the town's Art Museum.  The preparation for the big event took months to put together and things were going smoothly with the venue packed with social elites, politicians and celebrities.  The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation for the big unveiling, but just when the cloth cover was about to be taken off, there was a power outage.  When the power was restored a few minutes later, the jewels were nowhere to be found!  You have been hired as Detectives to identify the mastermind behind the theft and recover the rare blue diamond jewelry collection.


Expose the secret of a syndicate hiding at the Cabin in the Woods...

You have been hired as Detectives to investigate a suspect behind the widespread drug operation in a distant Town.  Prior to accepting the case, you have received a death threat warning you to stay away from this case.  However, you still decided to pursue the case and while traveling along a deserted path to the suspect's residence, your car broke down.  With no phone signal and any sign of life, you decided to leave your car and look for help.  You found yourselves lost in the forest and could not find your way back.  As it became darker in the forest and as you start feeling exhausted and helpless, you begin to wonder whether your car breakdown incident is related to the death threat.

D I S C O V E R            D E C I P H E R            D E CO D E

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